Over the past decade, two opposing currents have been building. On the one hand, violent and distorted radicalized extremism and terrorism have lead to both Xenophobia and Islam phobia. Such trends lead often times by the media and politics have greatly distorted the true nature of these authentic religions. 

On the other hand, there is a growingand highly promising new age of interfaith and intercultural harmony and dialogue. This isaccompanied bya world-wide realization that extremism stems from severe distortionsof the original sacred texts, intentions, and insights passed down to us from previous generations.

Furthermore, there is a growing recognition that in a globalized world of instant information and social communication, old prejudices and outdated nationalistic sentiments must give way to a new era of global citizenship shaped by universal humanitarian values and ethics.

Our initiative was originally launched in 2006 under the name “Helping for a United Good” (H.U.G). Considerable effort was put into developing our civic education curricula in our educational publication A Leap of Faith. This earlier work is now being revised, updated and re-launched as the United Citizens Initiative (U.C.I), with a new mainly young and highly dynamic board of directors.

The new board has been thoughtfully convened and includes a high number of highly dedicatedmillennial young women and men from various cultural, religious and spiritual followings.